Mondays are for 1002 Rambling Posts …..

March 31, 2014

My Life, Ramblings

Where do you go for information about holiness, wolf hybrids, the greatest rock song ever, post apocalyptic movies and the ramblings of one Nazarene pastor? Well, you are already reading this blog, so you know the answer to that question. The other day I noticed that I had just crossed over 1000 posts on this blog. Wow, that is a lot of writing. I should have at least written a book with all of those words.

I started blogging back on February 14, 2006. It began as a way to explore the theological conversations that were swirling in my head and to improve my abilities as a writer. What it became, however, is much more than that. This blog has become an extension of my ministry, a journal for my spiritual journey and a connection to a much larger movement outside of me. I am thankful for it and the way it has impacted my life and I am hopeful that it has had at least a minor impact in the lives of some others.

So today here are some fun reflections on 8 years of blogging and trying to reeducate the world on the idea of holiness.

Some of my favorite posts so far

Our Copilot, Clockmaker and CEO: Struggling with Metaphors for God

The Theology of Ricky Bobby

The Theology of Harry Potter

The Sexual Theology of Duck Dynasty

Gangsta God and Thug Theology

Why there is no equal sign on my Facebook Page

The Best Bad Movies of All Time

The 10 Guys You Meet Playing Church League Basketball

And from my wife The Preacher’s Wife Returns: Thoughts on Letting Go


Search Terms

Here are some recent search terms that regularly bring people to my blog. These always crack me up. It appears that I am the go to source for strange/unique/weird/unknown Bible stories, understanding what God is saying to you, sandwiches, and famous lead singers in rock bands. That sounds about right.

strange bible stories 75
unusual bible stories 73
weird bible stories 40
uncommon bible stories 34
what is god saying to me 20
weird stories in the bible 19
what is god saying to me right now 18
read the bible in 60 days 18
best tv series of all time 17
holy discontent definition 17
jimmy johns vs subway vs quiznos 14
trendy words 13
what would god say to me right now 11
strangest bible stories 11
avatar sociology 8
famous lead singers of rock bands 7
rock band lead singers 7
elf on the shelf 7
1 corinthians 13 7
unknown stories in the bible 7
carter hays 7
strange but true bible stories 7
how was jesus sanctified 7
god loves whores 7
md university football uniforms 6
best rock lead singers 6
best post apocalyptic movies of all time 6
christ figures in movies 5
what did jesus look like


Looking Forward

So now that I am 8 years in, have I finally figured out what I want from this blog. Ultimately I desire for my writing here to shape my writings to come. I am still working on the beginnings of a Holiness Reeducation book. I want to take some of the conversations I have begun on this blog and take them deeper. I have also discovered the ministry of this blog as a timely reflection on difficult questions the are emerging in the church. Engaging with these conversations continues to shape my own ministry and responses to these vital questions. Finally, writing is simply good for my soul. I gain great pleasure from it as it invigorates my mind. Regardless of whether thousands of people or just two good friends from when I was a kid end up reading my posts I will continue to write.

So thanks for the support, thanks for the input, and here is to another 1000 ramblings.

As always, if there are topics you are interested in me writing about, please leave your suggestions. I am always interested in writing prompts.

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One Comment on “Mondays are for 1002 Rambling Posts …..”

  1. daveterpstra Says:

    Congrats on reaching 1000 posts! Keep up the good work.


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