What is God saying to me right now?

What is God saying to me right now? How will I respond?


For a year or so those two questions have been hanging on the wall over my desk. They are the questions that haunt/inspire/perplex/reshape my daily life. The ability to listen to the voice of God and respond is central to life as a follower of God. But just how do we go about hearing God’s voice and learning to respond?

That is the question this week’s sermon is wrestling with. As we walk through our series, “How does my life measure up?”, we are now measuring our intimacy with God. Hearing the voice of God is possible because we have an intimate God. In Genesis God walked with Adam and Eve in the cool of the evening. God spoke to Cain and Abel. God called Abram to leave Ur and go to father a great nation. God spoke through Moses to all of Egypt and the people of Israel. God spoke to his prophets, including Elijah who heard God in a whisper. We have an intimate God that finds us where we are and speaks to us.

But listening and responding to God’s voice consistently is only possible when we have cultivated an intimacy with God. Some hear God’s voice when they aren’t even sure there is a God and that moment of hearing may begin their faith journey. Some hear God regularly and live their life according. Some, however, never really hear, or maybe more accurately they never listen and respond to the voice they hear.

When do you hear God’s voice most frequently? In worship? In prayer? Alone in the car? Talking with others? Through scripture? When do you hear his voice most often and how have you cultivated an ear to hear and a heart to respond?

7 thoughts on “What is God saying to me right now?

  1. Often! His sheep know the voice of the Shepherd.

    Here’s an interesting thing to ponder…some church leaders don’t think you it’s okay to believe you hear from God. I was told by a denominationally assigned mentor in coaching before going before the ordination board…”Don’t tell them you hear from God.” I’m like…”WHAT?!” Then God told me to walk another path…and boy am I glad that I heard, listened and had enough gumption to respond obediently.

    Give us ears to hear! Please, Lord. Please!

  2. Most of the time its very late at night. Around 2am usually. Its starts with a thought and develops into like a study in my mind. Full of self reflection and amazing truth that in no way could just come from me. I use to get very aggravated about the 2am thing but have learned just to live and appreciate it.. The spirit never sleeps and in some ways neither should we!

  3. And I’m down with the 2 a.m. thing too, Mark. I’ve had wonderful times of God speaking to me in the middle of the night. I think I miss some good times because of my stubbornness to get up out of bed.

  4. GOD speaks.He is no dumb.its only that people have become skeptical about prophecy that it is nolonger of great value 2 them.let me say most christians are now selfish,they dont want X to come&say GOD is saying……to them its blasphemy,its anti~christ.when we pray most of us are like,’God if you would jus speak a word but its wen the WORD comes…people aint receptive.let me come clear,it is DOCTRINE that has misled Christian nothing more even since the days of John the Baptist.amen

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